10 Best Little-Known Tips for Perfect Airplane Sleep

The airplane remains the most convenient mode of transport. It is the best means of travel over long distances, however, it has a lot of inconveniences when it comes to comfort and the residual effects of a journey. Sleeping can be hard to come by on a plane if you do not know what to do. We will explore some little-known tips for perfect airplane sleep.

With cramped space for most who travel economy and the effects of jetlag, people are always looking for ways to make a flight more enjoyable and to be able to sleep as you fly and after touching down.

Sleep in an airplane
Sleep in an airplane

Tips to help you sleep in an airplane

  • Book a night flight and opt for off-peak days

If you can get a flight coinciding with your sleep hours, the better. It will be much easier to sleep during your usual sleep time. Wake up a little earlier the night before you fly so that you can fall asleep faster while onboard.

Additionally, for more room and less hustle, travel on Tuesday or Wednesday which are least popular for flying and enjoy the benefits of fewer passengers and more space.

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  • Get a window seat

For unrivaled airplane sleeping comfort and headrest, the window seat is the best. You will not be bothered by those sitting next to you who may want to pass for trips to the toilet.

Do not go for the seats near the compartment wall despite the inviting leg space they offer, because, they are usually reserved for those with children and children potentially means disturbance or disruptions.

  • Tilt your seat to the very end

Tilt your backrest as far back as you can as long as the person behind you will tolerate it. The less you sit bent on the seat the more comfortable you will be and the less likely you will be to suffer back, waist and neck pains from a lack of poor posture.

Tilt your seat to the very end
Tilt your seat to the very end
  • Dress in warm and comfortable clothing

Dress in loose-fitting clothes that will not curtail your movements. The clothes should be warm because the cabin can be very cool during flight and makes it hard to sleep. Keep in mind that temperatures on the plane can vary. Layering is your clothing is a good idea as well as wearing warm socks.

  • Do not drink a lot of fluids

If you want to sleep on a plane, the fewer fluids you imbibe the better for you. There is no way you will sleep if you keep on walking to the toilet to relieve yourself. The alcohol on offer can be enticing but you must stay off it. Alcohol on a plane can get you more drank than you would be on the ground because of the pressurized cabin.

  • A flight is not the right place for a heavy meal

It is recommended that you eat a few hours before you board so that you do not indulge in food onboard. Eat a light meal before you board or a protein bar before takeoff and use the duration of the flight to sleep.

A heavy meal on a flight is not good and will only add to your discomfort and lack of sleep. The time you will spend eating on the plane also eat into the time in which you should otherwise spend sleeping.

  • Fasten your seat belt to avoid flight attendant interference

If you get on your seat and buckle up, no one will disrupt your sleep, in case of turbulence, takeoff, or landing to ask you to wake up, hoping that you cannot sleep through a landing. 😊

  • Bring enough sleep accessories on board

Comfortable sleep requires good neck posture, darkness and a lot of quiet. A good sleep mask will get you blinded, the right neck pillow will position your neck correctly and earplugs or earmuffs should take care of any noise. For flights with no blankets, bring yours.

Bring enough sleep accessories on board
Bring enough sleep accessories on board
  • No gadgets and gizmos

If there is any time when you should tune your gadgets to flight mode, it is when you want to sleep on an airplane. Why do you think it is there? 😉 Keep the phones and tabs away and do not turn on that screen in front of you. Read a book, magazine or newspaper to lull you to sleep fast.

  • Do not rush to the airport, get there early

Rushing through traffic and running around the airport to catch your flight is very stressful and is likely to interfere with your inner balance and lead to lack of sleep. Check in online if you can get there early so that you are in no rush and get your mind calm, relaxed and ready for the long slumber on board


Sleeping comfortably on a plane can be difficult, however, with these tips, you should now be able to prepare and do all the right things to help you doze off through your journey. These 10 little-known tips for perfect airplane sleep should guide you to be comfortable, calm and warm to sleep.

For short flights of 30 minutes to an hour, it may be difficult to sleep. However, for long flights and for those who fly frequently, these tips will be of great help. Get more tips for sleep while flying here:

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