How To Reduce Back Pain When Sleeping

Tips On How To Reduce Back Pain When Sleeping

Looking all over the place to find the best solutions for back pain? Go no further and give it a read; I am sure this article will help to channelize your directions towards the best relief choices. Back pain can turn out to be a real nightmare, if not taken care at the right time. An immense population of people around the globe is currently suffering from this problem. Chiropractic treatments or physiotherapy can be debatable as well as an expensive option for a lot of people.

However, a lot of us are unaware of the ways in which we can alleviate the pain while sleeping. So here we are, with some incredibly useful tips and tricks that can help to reduce this problem while you are sleeping.

Major causes for back pain

Now, before we dive into the remedies of back pain, it is essential to briefly discuss some of the factors that may cause this problem.

1. Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle
Sedentary Lifestyle

A large section of people, especially those with a 9 to 5 job, spend about 10-11 hours a day sitting on a chair. This can severely affect their back posture, leading to chronic pain and disorders.

2. Zero exercises

Exercises such as Pilates tend to improve muscle strength and enduring capacity in individuals. Lack of such exercises can lead to poor body posture and increased back pain in adults.

3.Being overweight

A significant increase in weight tends to dislocate the center of gravity, mostly towards the anterior portion of your body, thereby inducing an increased strain on your back.

4. Smoking

Smokers are at potential risk to suffer from back pain mainly because of the inhaled nicotine, that inhibits calcium absorption thereby leading to degenerative vertebrae and may even expose them to osteoporosis.

Several other factors, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and pregnancy can increase the risk of back pain in individuals.

Ways to reduce back pain while sleeping

Surprisingly, there are various ways to alleviate this problem while you are sleeping. A large number of factors such as your sleeping position, the perfect mattress, or your sleep duration have a strong relationship with your back pain.

So let’s dive into some of the tips and techniques that will aid to alleviate this problem, while you are well asleep.

1. The Right Mattress

Now, there is a direct relationship between your body posture and your back pain; if your posture isn’t right, then this may lead to back discomforts and vice versa. Fortunately, all these problems can be resolved with the use of a comfortable mattress.

Impact of mattresses on back pain:

The texture of your mattress should strictly conform to your sleeping body’s position. This way, it allows the broader part of the body to sink in, while the neck and the head remain elevated.

Extra soft or lumpy mattresses may allow your entire body to sink in without providing it the correct alignment. On the other hand, a firm mattress has a debatable story. Earlier doctors recommended the use of firm mattresses for patients who suffer from back pain, but recently it has been out ruled by chiropractors and orthopaedics. Continuous use of firm mattresses can affect the spinal cord and the various pressure points of the body.

Earlier spring mattresses were a popular choice. Even today, a lot of people opt for such flat and firm mattresses, which make arch their spines causing a lot of pain and discomfort to the body. Thus, the continuous use of such mattresses can lead to chronic pain and, they can even exaggerate your discomforts to another level.

Best mattress to help your pain

Some of the best mattresses that help to maintain your sleeping body posture are usually made up of medium-firm memory foam or latex. Such surfaces restrict unnatural body position or any negative effects on your spines. Instead, they help some of the body parts to sink and others to remain afloat, giving us the perfect alignment. Memory foam mattresses conform to our body shape thereby allowing the body to rest in its natural position.

Most of the cheap or firm mattresses do not allow our body to align in its comfortable position, either the entire body is at the same level, or uncomfortable support is granted to different body parts. Memory foam mattresses allow the more extensive parts as such our hips and shoulders to sink in, whereas keeps our neck and waist at a higher level. This position gives a perfect shape that allows our spine to rest comfortably, thereby reducing the back pain. Therefore you should opt for mattresses that provide the perfect gap and sink to your body.

Mattress to help your pain
Mattress to help your pain

Some of the essential tips for choosing a medium-firm memory foam mattress:

  • Choose a medium-firm mattress; never opt for extra soft or extra firm sleeping surfaces.
  • While purchasing a memory foam mattress, opt for the one which is made from safe, plant-based natural material. Cheap quality foam mattress for back pain may contain harmful chemicals or can get too hot in summer.

2. Perfect sleep position

Even if you have your perfect mattress, back pains can stay a while if your sleeping position isn’t correct. So here are some tricks that you can add up to your regular sleep positions to alleviate your pain:

1. Back sleepers: Doctors usually recommend to sleep on your back, especially for those, who are diagnosed with lumbar discomfort. This position allows your body to attain a comfortable, natural alignment.

Tips: To reduce your back pain, place a pillow below your knees that will give your spine a perfect position, thereby reducing the pain.

2. Stomach sleepers: People suffering from disc diseases are usually advised to sleep on their stomach. This is suggested because if you sleep in this position, there is no pressure applied to your back which gives your back an ample amount to heal.

Tips: Place a pillow below your pelvis and lower abdomen, this helps to release any pressure from your back; giving you a perfect body posture.

3. Side sleepers: Sleeping on your sides can be beneficial for those who are diagnosed with nocturnal back pain. This position allows your spine to attain a proper stretch and prevents any unwanted arching.

Sleeping on your sides can be beneficial for those who are diagnosed with nocturnal back pain
Sleeping on your sides can be beneficial for those who are diagnosed with nocturnal back pain

Tips: Use a slightly firm pillow between your knees that allows one leg to be above the other, thus giving your body, its perfect pressure points and sleeping posture.

3. Upgrade your pillows

Most of us tend to overlook the importance of a good quality pillow. Pillows can play a significant role in improving or worsening your back pains.

Impacts: A pillow with an improper fit can cause severe neck or back strain. All the advantages of a perfect mattress can be overweighed via the use of a poor fit pillow. When you sleep with your head inclined on a pillow, the pillow should contour to your head’s shape thereby allowing the rest of the body to gain its proper posture. When this contouring is unavailable, it creates a tension between your head, neck and rest of the body. You may find yourself waking to a headache or neck discomforts and back pains in such scenarios.

Use the best pillow:

Always opt for an expensive, high-quality pillow that contours to your head’s shape. Never use more than one pillow to support your neck; this might elevate the problem of back pain.


  1. Stomach sleepers should ideally opt for higher -fill pillows. Such pillows support a natural head angle thereby vanquishing any tension between your neck and back.
  2. Side sleepers should choose thin fill because such pillows allow your head and neck to be in perfect alignment to your body. When you lie on your side, your hips and shoulder are not deep into the mattress, thus thinner pillows keep your neck and head position angled at this posture.
  3. Back sleepers should opt for medium-fill pillows, that help the body to get aligned to the sunken buttocks and shoulders, as well as it supports the gap between your waist and the mattress.
Never use more than one pillow to support your neck
Never use more than one pillow to support your neck

With all these being said, there are various other factors such a sleep duration or stress reduction that can help you to reduce the unbearable and unwanted back pains. However, if the pain is chronic with zero improvements, immediately seek medical help before the problem becomes irreversible.


None of us like to bear the unwanted back pain and discomforts, but unfortunately, a lot us suffer from this pain once in a while, mainly because of our busy and sedentary lifestyle. This article helps you with some of the most recommended tips and advises to cure this problem while you are well asleep. But such solutions are usually subjective, and their continuous use depends on the response of your body. A proper mattress or a perfect pillow can help to reduce the pain to a large extent, but these are surely not the only solutions to your problem.

If the pain is persistent and cannot be relieved by the above means, always seek proper medical help. Moreover, the solutions mentioned here can be useful for one person and ineffective to others. So make your own decision and choose the best of it for your problems. I hope this article has helped you to some extent in alleviating your back pain.

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