8 tips to build a better bedroom

8 Tips To Build A Better Bedroom

For you to enjoy a relaxing good night’s sleep your bedroom needs to have the right setting to help you relax. You can achieve this by making a few practical changes to your bedroom that will ensure you sleep soundly through the night. Find here 8 tips to build a better bedroom.

For you to enjoy a relaxing good night’s sleep
For you to enjoy a relaxing good night’s sleep

A well decorated and organized bedroom ensures that you get quality sleep to guarantee that you wake up in the morning feeling happy and rejuvenated. The following tips will guide you through transforming your bedroom into a relaxing haven:

1.   Avoid sleeping with your pet

Pets can offer you great comfort when you lie with them in bed as they are warm and cuddly but they can also be huge distracters to your sleep.

You should keep your pets out of your bedroom if you would like to enjoy quality sleep and it will also help you maintain a clean room which will greatly contribute to your sleep hygiene.

2.   Sort out the blanket situation

Most times you will end up fighting for the blanket with your partner which often leads to disrupted sleep. To ensure that you and your partner enjoy a warm and peaceful night, you can get two blankets as well as top sheets for each of you.

You can choose to get two mattresses for your bed and then make each mattress separately then cover the whole bed with a large comforter and it will look like one big bed to everyone else who has not been let in on your little secret.

3.   Adjust your room temperature

The temperature of your bedroom will have a direct impact on how comfortable your sleep will be. The room temperature needs to be somewhere in the middle, not too cold or too hot. The recommended temperature is usually around 65 0F.

Ensure that the temperature setting you choose is the one that makes you feel most comfortable as we are all different.

4.   Adjust the lighting in your room

Bright lights will often have the effect of interfering with our sleep. This makes it necessary for you to ensure that you install dim lights in your bedroom. You should opt for bulbs that are dim and have cool colors that will help relax you and fall asleep faster.

Adjust the lighting in your room
Adjust the lighting in your room

You should also switch off your mobile devices when you get into your bedroom and also get heavy drapes to keep out the bright sun from forcing you to wake up too early.

5.   Paint your room in cool shades

Studies have shown that there are certain colors that cause calming effects on humans when they are incorporated in the bedroom decor.

A good color to use would be a cool shade of blue as it will help you calm down when you step into your bedroom after a long day. Another good color is a cool shade of green or a cool purple shade.

You could also use bedroom furniture in these cool color shades that will help you feel relaxed when you are in your bedroom and thus improve the quality of sleep you will get.

6.   Get a comfortable mattress

Having a beautifully decorated bedroom is not enough to give you a good night’s rest if your mattress is not comfortable. You should always choose a mattress that is of medium firmness that will offer your back enough support without making you feel like you are sleeping on a rock.

Having a great mattress will greatly improve the quality of your sleep as well as ensuring you maintain your general body health. You could accompany this amazing mattress with some comfortable pillows to support your head and neck as you sleep.

7.   Eliminate noise

You should ensure that the only sounds being heard in your bedroom are soothing sounds from your noise canceling machine if you don’t appreciate total silence. If you have pets, you could get them noise canceling machines to help them stay quiet during the night so they don’t interrupt your sleep.

8.   De-clutter your room

Having clutter in your bedroom can make you anxious and thus prevent you from having a restful night. You should always make sure that your clothes and shoes are neatly stowed away all the time.

You should also get rid of any books, magazines or paperwork that is not needed in your bedroom so as to get rid of all the clutter in your bedroom. This will help you feel relaxed each time you walk into your room.

Clutter in your bedroom can make you anxious
Clutter in your bedroom can make you anxious


Having the ultimate bedroom is not impossible to achieve. All you need to do is make a few changes to your room. You should always choose comfort over style when it comes to your bedroom if you would like to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to hire someone to build a better bedroom for you, you can do it all by yourself. The tips we have suggested are easy to follow and will guarantee that you feel happy and relaxed each time you step into your bedroom.

It has been said time and again that getting enough quality sleep is important to every person as it greatly influences every aspect of your daily life. Sleep will often influence our mood throughout the day as well as how we interact with our colleagues and friends.

When creating your perfect bedroom, you should always remember that this is the one room in the entire house that offers you sanctuary from all the stress that the day has to bring. Ensure that the furniture you place in this special room is comfortable enough especially the bed as this is where you will spend most of your time.

The bed you choose should be high enough so that you don’t need to bend at your waist when getting in and it is also large enough to allow you free range of movement while you sleep. Get more tips here:

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